Nokia 5.3 test Camera full features


  1. 2020 vision

    The nightmode on this phone is beyond terrible. Might upgrade to the TCL 10 pro

  2. Kaz Ali

    i have nokia 5.3 . impressive in many ways i think. im happy

  3. Kaz Ali

    "borderless" by aakash gandhi that song anyone want know;

  4. Shilpa Chatterjee

    Why all the clicked pictures are not getting saved in nokia 5.3 😡😡😡

  5. prashanth bhojannagari

    I've heard that nokia 5.3 received a huge update. Any major improvements in camera? If yes, can you do the same review after the update?

  6. Aboorvan Gandhikumar

    Does Nokia 5.3 supports bothie mode?

  7. Mohan Prasad

    It seems it is hanging during photo or videos capture

  8. Bitan Das

    Hey,guy I am going to buy this nokia 5.3 after few days later

  9. Nanakvirsingh Mani

    Mirror me real ph v dikh raha hai 🤣

  10. Mohammad Alawieh

    The way you reveiw the camera is pro.nice


    Hope nokia can a monster speed to overcome even apple.

  12. Bijit

    Bugs are best friends of nokia…i will never buy again

  13. Fadjrin Ferdiansyah

    i just like the Nokia logo Position,…

  14. Carlos Coll

    Hi there! Great video 🙂 i would like to know the title of the song that starts at 05:29. Thanks so much in advance ^^

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