New York Dolls – Personality Crisis

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  1. lars
    lars says:

    So this is what NY produces? KISS, these assholes, Joan Jett to a lesser extent…do they put something in the water to make these people from NYC simplistic and stupid, or….? Talk about desperation and a pile of shit band of punks and losers

  2. Amber Raeanne
    Amber Raeanne says:

    theyre just THE most underrated punk band yet and its sad no one is streaming their music as much as the rolling stones or the cult. the actual fore fathers of punk. i love them and im so glad i discovered them.

  3. MusicianOnAMission
    MusicianOnAMission says:

    Wow these guys were terrible. Listen to T Rex's "Mambo Sun" and "Jeepster" if you like glam rock. They were great.

  4. Ab C. Def
    Ab C. Def says:

    I'm sure it was a really cool scene for hanging out, and I realize it was very original for the time, but to at least this first-time listener, the music kinda sucks.

  5. Ki ki Dee
    Ki ki Dee says:

    That woman at the front row cracks me up she is obv a British bird knows all the words she adds to the experience over all lol xxx


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