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  1. Brian Linton
    Brian Linton says:

    Jase, thanks for providing this review. What deer mount did you used to have in place of the turkey one? (Form/#) It had a sweeping right turn?

  2. Hayden Patton
    Hayden Patton says:

    You have enable notifications in the app itself. I run 4 of the xv7000i and they work great. There’s is about a 5 minute delay between taking and sending a picture it seems. All mine work great with at least 16% signal. I usually have to off set all of mine with a stick at the top 😂

  3. Uriah625
    Uriah625 says:

    So how do you feel about the cellular picture quality? It’s sends me 50kb pics that are rather grainy. Requesting the hi-res sends 250kb pics that are just as grainy but larger.
    Is there something wrong with my camera, or is that just the way it is. My 12 MP cams take better photos.

  4. John Irwin
    John Irwin says:

    I bought one of these and my BP was going through the roof trying to figure out how to make the thing work with the App. Thanks for putting this together, I did what you said and it worked fine. Screw Moultries 'instructions'. They were nearly useless.

  5. Rogelio Garcia
    Rogelio Garcia says:

    Bought same camera few weeks back…worked for two days only…haven't received any pics since…you hit the nail on the head about the angle…the pics it did take had alot of sky on them…over all not happy with the product…picture quality was good…

  6. insane1027
    insane1027 says:

    Jase thanks for the detailed and in depth reviews on the Moultrie XV6000 and the TACTACAM Reveal. After having both cameras for a while which one would you recommend? Thanks

  7. The Ramos Family Farm
    The Ramos Family Farm says:

    Great video Jase, subbed your channel. Thanks for being so thorough. Been considering this camera. How is the battery life?

  8. Kevin B
    Kevin B says:

    I have two of these. One was free. They both work very well. I also have a couple of the Spypoint Cell Links and a Link Micro. They all work great. The Cell Links are the best & cheapest way to go and Spypoint has the better plans.

  9. David Greenapple
    David Greenapple says:

    I've put two in the field and have some input on your experience. First, since it's not a security camera in a bank, I don't expect to get real-time information updating me with pictures. Sometimes it can take 1/2 hour or more to get the picture, and sometimes you get it in 1 minute. Since we're monitoring deer in the woods, not a big deal. Second, I made a 1/2" thick "wedge" of wood shims painted tree color and put it behind the top of the camera to have it aimed a little down. Lastly, I installed a lock on it and painted the cable and lock "camo" to make it less visible. It's too bad you have to do that in the modern world, but some people feel ok about stealing other peoples' cameras in the woods.

  10. Will Haymaker
    Will Haymaker says:

    Jase, I’ve been watching since less than 500 subscribers. I had a seperate account that I lost the password to. I’m so glad I found the page again! I really enjoy watching. Such a good soul. If you ever want to chase turkeys in Indiana let me know! I know the state like the back of my hand.

  11. Wesley LaRose
    Wesley LaRose says:

    I’ve got same problem can’t get push notifications. Overall I’m not to happy with the camera, but you get what you pay for.

  12. Joseph Bonadio
    Joseph Bonadio says:

    I love my conventional Moultrie Cams….for cell cameras you can't beat the RIDGETEC LOOKOUT DUEL that I have or the SPARTAN GHOST , for $100 cell camera I would opt for the TACTACAM REVEL I have it as well and like it

  13. Jay w4zxt
    Jay w4zxt says:

    Jase I appreciate your detail to these cameras. I pulled the trigger on the reveal after I said I wouldn’t. However , they are responding to our comments on the app and the actually improving it. I’m going to say it’s hard to beat the reveal thus far in my short field testing. It actually is doing better than the 7000i moultrie. Do you feel the same way? I mean for 100$


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