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    USAF DIRT BOYZ says:

    I was a police officer with the honolulu police dept……i had ruined my reputation due to drug use and crazy shit i had done off duty.,….i went to bed every day at 7 pm and woke up at 12 midnight and could not go back to sleep due to being so despondent…..at around 4 am i would get in my truck driving around and buy some coffee and donuts listening to this tape every morning before i started work at 6 am….i was as close to suicide as u could get….i quit and moved to the mainland and rebuilt my life….i can now listen to this record again and not feel bad…..it reminds of how lucky i am now…..

  2. Jared Weatherill
    Jared Weatherill says:

    I hardly ever comment on you tube. But just finished listening to to it. I can't claim to know anything about music. Never even heard of this guy before. But that was beautiful. It got me deep down inside. Not sure what. Maybe people who know more can tell me. It was a joy. I am going to listen to it again right now.

  3. Cory MacNeil
    Cory MacNeil says:

    When I purchased this album the clerk said, "This album will change your life!". I did not pay much attention to what he said… He then reached across the counter and grabbed my arm and said, "Man, THIS IS GOING TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE!" I will always remember that encounter.

  4. Paul Connelly
    Paul Connelly says:

    You don't have to be a jazz nut to appreciate this masterpiece. If you know music then you know this track is so easy and underestimated. But if you really listen you start to understand that the musicality is something special. Something you've never heard before. Then you realise something special was going on here.❤

  5. Ronald Unkel
    Ronald Unkel says:

    Unusual to hear this utter classic on a French label. Miles spend in the early to mid 50’s lots of times in France. Just last week, September the 23rd, 2020 Miles’ great love french songstress and actress Juliette Greco passed. They were a hell of a team, at the time. He went back to the States to record his greatest albums and Juliette became very well known in her own right. But this utterly iconic Jazz music, the playing, the passion etc, is timeless! Now you are both back together, so make the most of it!! RIP Juliette and Miles you gave us so much joy. Cheers to you both!

  6. gulden
    gulden says:

    Lo hermoso de whiplash es que ambos personajes en vez de ser héroes, son los villanos de sus propias historias.

    Yo en la historia de "el huevo" hubiera cambiado la persona que menciona dios por alguien como genghis Khan para que todos los sujetos mencionados no sean hombres blancos occidentales y además lo conectas mejor para que el muerto piense en Hitler.
    Por otro lado creo que se pudiera haber mencionado el tratar bien el mundo que se padre ha creado para que él aprenda en el mismo, aunque se puede llegar a dicha conclusión sin que se tenga que decir explícitamente pero bueno.

    (Visual) Mujeres montando en motos como si fueran coches/motos a personas haciendo el cowgirl. Con un trazo como muy demacrado. O todo tipo de personas en general, pero la idea es que parezca que estén en una carretera en carrera.


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