Mike Oldfield ft. Maggie Reilly – Moonlight Shadow (Official Video)

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  1. Günter Treitz
    Günter Treitz says:

    My father listened this song when he was a border guard in the Iron Courtain's eastern side. My father is 57 and I'm 20 and we listen this song together today, and he is always telling a lot of stories.

  2. risumotus
    risumotus says:

    This lovely song will be at my funeral. Brings a happy fibe, but it is also saying goodbye. Oldfield wrote this song in memory and admiration of John Lennon after he got murdered. Like John Lennon, i treasure freedom.

  3. Joao Vieira
    Joao Vieira says:

    essa é mais uma preciosidade dos inigualáveis anos 80, feliz de quem como eu lá viveu e dava tudo para lá fica, até o resto da vida

  4. B A N G T A N I S D Y N A M I T E
    B A N G T A N I S D Y N A M I T E says:

    I’m 13 my dad used to listen to this with my mom when I was about six in summer or so this gives me such good memories of when my parents were still together

  5. Националист Немодник
    Националист Немодник says:

    Мне за 30 ,но я обожаю музыку 80-90 годов…У нашего поколения было и настоящее детство и класная музыка.не то что у нынешних зумеров-деградантов

  6. Kyi Zin Thant
    Kyi Zin Thant says:

    It's the night of 1st October 2020. I am standing next to the window and looking at the full moon on the night sky and listening to this song. Life seems so calm and peaceful right now.🤍


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