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  1. HumanFairy
    HumanFairy says:

    Love and light, quick question: The video recording is only 29mins at a time. So does that mean after every 29mins, I will need to press play again or, will I need to replace the battery completely?. I am want to start Youtube videos and I don't think 29mins will be long enough.

  2. InteractiveDNA
    InteractiveDNA says:

    G7 still the best live stream camera in 2020 and 2021. 4K with clean HDMI and with the use of adaptor to use Cannon lens and other super cheap. NO OTHER camera can beat this value. That is what I use for my live stream. For the price of one expensive camera you can get 6 G7, a HDMI switcher and good mic. A complete stream set.

  3. KeefCooks
    KeefCooks says:

    I have a GX800 as my B-roll camera, but it overheats and cuts out after shooting 4K for 4 minutes. I'm thinking of switching to this lil baby, but does it have the same problem? Or can you shoot 4K for a while without it overheating?

  4. Hayden Martin
    Hayden Martin says:

    Regarding the external monitor thing, I bought a hot shoe phone mount so that i could stick my phone on top of my camera, and I use the app to turn my phone into an external monitor that works while recording!

  5. TheComp44
    TheComp44 says:

    Got this camera for three years now and I'm still loving it! My only real issue with it is that it has no option for auto ISO in video mode. When filming outside it really is annoying to adjust light settings every time you move from light to shadow, especially since I'm using a steadycam. Haven't really found a better solution other than keeping it in aperture priority mode when filming, but I would really like to keep the aperture and shutterspeed fixed and have only the ISO adjust to the varying brightness.


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