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  1. Little patience for self righteous moral hypocrites
    Little patience for self righteous moral hypocrites says:

    Light is now working with SONY's Alpha camera division to develop new lenses. I think the combination of the two could produce something truly groundbreaking….

  2. SgtMajorPanda
    SgtMajorPanda says:

    Kirk: Ready the Video Camera, prepare to record on my command.
    Helm: We don't have video recording, Sir…
    Kirk to Capt. Harriman: You launched a camera without video recording?
    Capt. Harriman: The Video Recording wont be installed until Tuesday…

  3. Tristan Goddard
    Tristan Goddard says:

    See, I was super excited about the tech behind the concept, hoards of lenses with different focal ranges and settings, able in theory to take outstanding images! Including an innate ability to take outstanding 3D images, I believe that this was what kicked off the multi sensor phones we are seeing today.

  4. Larry Ken
    Larry Ken says:

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  5. shogrran
    shogrran says:

    I guess i'm really just an average guy. When I take pictures… i want the pictures to capture the moment at the moment. Adjusting stuff in a computer afterwards kind off ruins it for me. So what I prefer in devices is the ability to capture what I'm taking a photo off at that time at that moment… that lighting… that look so I can remember.

  6. ElecTech _
    ElecTech _ says:

    Sounds pretty shitty-just not worth it at all, software is t even complete yet no videos a prototype that promises possibly something cool in the future but what's the point?


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