LG G8X: A Dual Screen Phone with Amazing Cameras!

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  1. uday goud
    uday goud says:

    Hi bro for last week i am suffering with lg g8x display is i am felling dull or greeyish so is it common for this phone or its display fault and should i do replacement

  2. Rakesh Kumar
    Rakesh Kumar says:

    Do you hv idea about how to show sim1, sim 2 in dialer & how to lock app in this mobile, i m searching this setting in menu since 3 days but i m unable to find it can u plzzz help me

  3. Deepansh Arya
    Deepansh Arya says:

    Bro please help i don't know what to do, the YouTube app does not split in two screens completely in half, 1/3rd of the video always keeps showing on my second screen. I wanted youtube to split completely across two screens so that one screen shows video and other shows comments and other stuff, can i please get your suggestion on what to do ?

  4. Sambhav Mahajan
    Sambhav Mahajan says:

    bhai aap jab LG ke ilaava koi aur earphone ya headphone lagate ho , toh vo bhut aaram se bahar nikal jaate h ??? mere doosre earphone bhut jyaada aaram se bahar nikal ja rahe h , pls check and tell


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