Kangaroo Doorbell Camera Review!

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  1. Chris Tambor
    Chris Tambor says:

    Thanks for the informative review. Does the camera work only if someone pushes the doorbell button or will it record anyone who walks up to my door?

  2. Justine Cepriano
    Justine Cepriano says:

    Nice review. Glad I finally know someone that owns one. My kangaroo doorbell died all of a sudden. Waiting for replacement.

  3. Barb D
    Barb D says:

    It's horrible! It worked for about maybe 2 weeks, then lost all connection. Called customer service,. had to remove device, remove app, then re-add it all again and it worked for ONE day. I am so sick of this thing not working! Going in the trash!

  4. Christie Lawrence
    Christie Lawrence says:

    Great review 🔥🔥🔥 I’m subscribing now based on thoroughness and energy.
    Side note: the image at 1:31 is absolutely hilarious 🤣

  5. Gargantilla Accessories
    Gargantilla Accessories says:

    Awesome review! I do agree with the processing time from the time someone rings ur doorbell till the time u get a view of that person on ur kangaroo app. I noticed that kangaroo had a bit of that delay even with the sensors


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