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    JOHN WATKIN says:

    Stand name [JURASSIC 5]

    Stand ability : Allows both stand and user to travel through soundwaves and move at supersonic speeds. The stand and user are near undetectable during their soundwave state, only being identifiable by a slight discrepancy in the soundwave itself.
    You guys can design the rest!

  2. Trey
    Trey says:

    Go look at Gene Deal talk about the night Biggie got killed in detail.. and all his interviews exposing puffy he was puff body guard and he talked about big shittn himself and his last moments after being shot that night. and how the dude tht killed big walked up to they car and they really wanted to get puff. but he told the driver in puff car to not stop at any lights. Then on the other hand you see a picture of the inside of the cardoor of biggie and see no bullet holes. idk. i think big gone. i dont think thats biggie kids.

  3. midinerd
    midinerd says:

    The opening theme to "Dont' Be a Menace to Society while Drinking … in the Hood" pretty much uses this bassline.
    I think that's why I found this song so interesting and throwback-style when it came out maybe 5 yrs later.

  4. Patrick Hurdle
    Patrick Hurdle says:

    I'm 13 and I remember coming to my dad's and he got me Atv offroad fury 2 I was hooked I remember the first day getting into it 2012 where has the time gone. Oh and I still have it and play it on my 10 year old ps2 anyone wanna freezestyle wth my split screen?


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