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  1. notsusan
    notsusan says:

    i'm here because of the one guy who used to call up Ron & Fez and sing parodies of this.
    (The Cake Horn version was my favorite)

  2. Eric Silberman
    Eric Silberman says:

    press "like" if you looked at the sheet music and you were like DAMNNNN that's seven freakin' sharps!…. I'm-a transpose this to ONE flat…. F major here I come !!

  3. Greg White
    Greg White says:

    The early 80's, one of the greatest times to be alive and enjoy such great music as this, I feel truly blessed to have experienced it then

  4. Andiamo!
    Andiamo! says:

    I am happy to listen to this in 2020 especially with now is getting cold. Back in the 80s it was cold when I heard it for the first time. So bite me!


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