James Morrison – You Give Me Something (Official Video)

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  1. Shawn Li
    Shawn Li says:

    "James Morrison" would totally sing this about a girl that dragged him to an after-school club she formed, if it turns out he was the one that met a past version of her and gave her ideas about aliens, time-travelers and espers…
    and that other song Wonderful World could also be about that girl 😉

  2. Mary Martins
    Mary Martins says:

    Pessoas: Essa versão é a melhor.. a do NU ficou uma bosta… prefiro a do NU… slk

    Gente, Ambas as versões são ótimas! Não é pq vc não gosta de uma delas, que você tem que tacar hate nn… vamos ter bom senso né?


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