iPhone 11 Fake/Clone – [Purple] – Things Are Getting Serious!

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  1. Tea With A Manatee
    Tea With A Manatee says:

    I don't get it. Why is anybody buying this? It's ok, if you cannot afford it, there are so many cheap and good android mobiles, what's the point on buying a shitty clone? You wont have the specs of an iPhone, just a kinda look.

  2. N Mas
    N Mas says:

    when u first opened the box its fake tho it will say first designed by apple in california and another method to spot a fake, check the serial number on settings and goto apple webite and enter the serial number then if it says invalid yes its FAKE

  3. BB P
    BB P says:

    I gotta say THERES TO MANY FAKE THINGS fake lol surprise,fake phones, fake barbies there’s so many fake things I can’t type them all😂🤣

  4. Matthew Liu
    Matthew Liu says:

    It's definitely a master clone.Anyone can easily tell it by straightly looking at the camera lenses.And in the settings like general some options may be different from the original ones.Other than that the colour and the shape and design and the icon is very closely similar to the original one.TBH not a bad clone phone though.Some doesn't even work or turn on but this one turns on and works.


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