IPcam: Testing new 4K (8MP) "2019" IP camera models from Dahua (lots of demo footage)

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  1. movax20h
    movax20h says:

    Normally fixed lenses are sharper, provide less vignetting, and less distortion and chromatic aberations. At least in general if the lens is build well. But I it is likely the lens quality in cheap models is the major factor that this is not the case for cheap IP cameras. I wouldn't be surprised if they are made of plastic , or poorly assembled , probably using plastic parts. Where more complex lens would be simply better assembled and mounted in metal frame.

    So it is interesting and very informative that in this case vari focal lens is sharper. Thanks!

  2. juerhe1
    juerhe1 says:

    …BEST REGARDs from BAVARIA! Thanks for your great Review Video. Its often the case thats things go worse instead of getting better (in many cases today)! 😉 ….which camera with 4k and if possible with integrated audio (mic) could you recomend TODAY? …i need about 6 IP Cams via POE and each should be able to watch a area of about 20 x 40m. For night it should also have a good IR. (is it also possible to buy a invisible IR Light? Or do they all have this red glow)?
    I would be verry happy if you could help me!

  3. kwinzman
    kwinzman says:

    It is possible that the higher FPS limits the shutter duration. Less motion blur, but shorter exposure counteracting the bigger sensor.
    That's my guess.
    I agree that the old camera looks sharper, especially during day time.
    And that the fixed focus camera especially has problems with sharpness, particularly at the edge of the picure, as you pointed out.

  4. raffal81
    raffal81 says:

    Very nice test, thank you very much.

    I am thinking about:


    But on aliexpress, they sell versions:


    Apparently the same, but instead of 30FPS, it has only 15.

    The same for memory:

    RAM / ROM

    256MB / 128MB


    RAM / ROM

    512MB / 128MB.

    I wonder what effect other memory sizes can have.
    I hope that you will continue to test monitoring cameras, you do it in a professional and practical way.

  5. Metatron2332
    Metatron2332 says:

    Thanks a lot! Could it be that all newer Dahua models only support 15fps with 4k? I can´t find the IPC-HFW1831E at their website.

  6. Roger Boles
    Roger Boles says:

    After watching this video and the one you did in 18 it looks as if the motorized dome from 18 you liked still had the better picture. Have you seen anything else ip camera wise that you have liked better than that one in the 18 comparison? thanks.

  7. Ryan F
    Ryan F says:

    I'm trying to configure my 5831s and 5231 starlight's, but i cannot get acceptable video quality. The image quality seems sub-par for the specs, especially considering i have four other 5231s in a different setup at another property (on a Dahua NVR). My new setup is a PC build using blue iris, but even logging into the camera directly produces the same results. The worst issues are a) the lag in the video, which is anywhere from 3s to 30s, and b) the ghosting of moving objects, even slow moving objects. I've tried tweaking every setting i can find, and nothing seems to improve the behavior. I'm wondering if my netgear PoE switch could be the culprit. Though i see ghosting in your 5831 videos too, which makes me wonder if it's just the camera. I have my 5831 set to 30fps and 5231 at 60fps. Both should be smooth as butter, but they're not even close. Any idea what to check here? BTW, my rig should be more than powerful enough (i7-8700, 16gb ddr4 @ 3000MHz, MSI gaming edge ac mother board, AOC 32" 4k monitor), and PC, cams, switch, router, are all hardwired with cat6.


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