Infrared Camera Comparison- 6 IR Cameras Reviewed from $250 to $25K

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  1. Alaska In Motion
    Alaska In Motion says:

    What TIC would you recommend, if such a thing exists, for recording good quality video in very high heat/smoke live fire firefighter training?

  2. ellbug89
    ellbug89 says:

    Hello, I'm looking for a camera that has a long shutter speed to look at mountainsides for temperature differences. Do you know which one would be best? I suppose it does not need to be a really good one, because it does not have a short shutter speed like the pros use. But likely it needs an adjustable shutter speed and every pixel needs uniform sensitivity. It also probably needs a long focal length or range. Would you be able to point me in the right direction, I'm looking for something less than $300?

  3. Kagan Arisut
    Kagan Arisut says:

    Nice comparision. Could you pls comment something about Flir E5 ? Where does it stand? too much expensive / unnecessary for our home worhshop ?

  4. Will Taylor
    Will Taylor says:

    Can you rate the black view bv9900 pro and cat s61, both smartphones with flir. I've recently got the black view bv9900 pro and amazed with its flir camera

  5. Marco V
    Marco V says:

    What would you recommend for ghost hunting? Something with some decent range on it and clarity. Why do you not upgrade your iPhone with the FLIR1?

  6. James S
    James S says:

    Thank you for your comparison video! We are moving into a 20 year old home next month and I plan to make several changes to upgrade the efficiency. I'm looking at going with a new roof, removing the existing fiberglass insulation in order to apply foam around the drywall seems, use a mixture of cellulose insulation and rockwall insulation, new windows, and finally replace the original HVAC equipment and ducts. Being in Houston, I want the lowest electricity bills possible since its hot 8 months out of the year.

    I've read a lot of negative reviews about the FLIR iOS attachment having the battery go bad after a few months. I think for my situation, I'll probably buy the FLIR iOS Pro attachment with slightly higher specs to do some before/after comparisons, and then list it for sale. I think with equipment like this, trying to rent it several times wouldn't be worth it since I'm sure there is a bit of a learning curve when first trying it out.

    Thank you for taking the time to do this demonstration/comparison! I appreciate you.

  7. Bigjoemonger
    Bigjoemonger says:

    Are you aware of a product that is capable of identifying a jet of steam leaking from a pipe in a high temperature environment?


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