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  1. Alan Roberts
    Alan Roberts says:

    It has never seemed like a good idea to search around yt looking for great musicians, listen to one of their best clips of music video and the give it a "DISLIKE".

  2. quantanglement
    quantanglement says:

    ps, It must be some sort of disease; some sort of mandate: whatever you do when you are putting together the camera work – make sure that under no circumstance you focus on the guy doing a guitar lead. I've seen it over and over again on many vids.
    Do they do that in museums? 'Hey Bill, when you hang that Renoir – make sure it's facing the wall – ok?'

  3. Kamakiri Sassorichan
    Kamakiri Sassorichan says:

    Sorry . . . this song right here reminds me of why I never cottoned on to this band. I actually never heard a note they did back in whatever it was . . . 1971 or two, but even when I was in a cover band in 76 or so for some reason this was not one of the bands we considered covering. We did Led Zeppelin stuff (indeed, this sound exactly like Led Zeppelin) and later I loved Peter Frampton but now I know why I never liked this band when it was played to me . . . the guy's voice. He has that classic Led Zeppelin hysterical shriek and this is the requisite Classic Heavy Rock A-min – G – F drone—Whole Lotta Love etc. etc. but somehow all together it has none of the delights of Zeppelin or Frampton (who sounds, quite frankly, ridiculous here doing his "power shriek" imitation) but it all has a certain Wannabe desperation aura about it like other second-tier hard rock bands of the time (J-Geils, Grand Funk, Deep Purple . . . ) and I know I'm gonna get some flak for that, but, well, seems to me like Steve Marriott's talent came out of a bottle of Theakston's Old Peculier and several fistfuls of dexedrine.


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