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  1. Andrea Minetto
    Andrea Minetto says:

    No mali g 77 but mali 76
    Like last year because America make entity list for huawey
    About american company
    No qwhd screen no 90hz
    No 12 gb ram
    No periscopic zoom like p30pro

  2. Ma Reya
    Ma Reya says:

    can you do a camera comparison between iphone 11 pro and huawei mate 30 pro. Photos from the Huawei are amazzzzing! You have my heart back Huawei ^_^

  3. Azam Khan
    Azam Khan says:

    I appreciate what you are doing. I feel like you are one of a few Tech Youtubers who aren't biased. And despite US china trade war and no google support in this phone you give us your first impressions of the phone and its camera quality. On the other hand most biased youtubers don't even want to have a hands on for such a great phone.
    Keep the great work going..


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