HT-18 Thermal Imaging Camera – Review & Demo

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  1. Dave McLaughlin
    Dave McLaughlin says:

    I have one of these and the image quality is nowhere near the claimed 220×160. My FLIR TG-165 gives better images than this does and that is only 80×60. I've tried various settings but never get anything other than a blurred thermal image. I suspect the lens is the issue but it is not adjustable.

  2. Jeff Newton
    Jeff Newton says:

    Interesting, well made videos as always. A little off topic, but would you consider making a video(s) about your digital clock and/or calendar that appeared in this video? They look great!

  3. P_ Mouse
    P_ Mouse says:

    Thermal cameras are actually really handy in troubleshooting electronics. Finding faulty components and ICs. For this amount I would rather buy a FLIR one, which can be used on a smartphone.


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