Hikvision 4K Bullet Security Camera Review – Unboxing, Setup, Day & Night Footage

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  1. Danyal Nisar
    Danyal Nisar says:

    which NVR supports multiple 8MP resolution capability as far as i have searched data sheet of NVRs from 4CH upto 32CH claiming 4k resolution just support 1 CH @ 8MP and other 4 CH @ 1080p even 32 CH NVR does the same so my Question is if i want to install 8 Cameras with 8MP resolution or 16 Cameras which model NVR supports it?

  2. TheRealMrGuvernment
    TheRealMrGuvernment says:

    Great info, currently reviewing options for home security and the cheap "consumer" Wyze/Logitech cams just dont do what I am looking for. Will review your other videos as well, as I am looking for an IP version.

  3. Paul F
    Paul F says:

    It's people like you who make YouTube the exceptional knowledge resource it is. Your selfless and dedicated sharing of this expertise no doubt empowers countless numbers of people to help themselves, improve the quality of their lives and assists them in protecting their families and property.

    I am one of those, and am very grateful for everything I have learned here.

    Many thanks, and best regards from Ireland!

  4. Murk 1D
    Murk 1D says:

    Hello I have seen few of your security camera videos and I liked two which were
    • Hikvision PTZ mini dome security camera
    • Hikvision 4k bullet security camera

    But I want your suggestion can you please tell me the BEST of best security camera with best video quality and night vision along with motion sensors, there is no price range just suggest me the best security camera please with those features and other features like zoom in, waterproof would be nice aswell but motion sensor and night vision is must

  5. Philips Solar
    Philips Solar says:

    I bought a DVR hikvision 8mp and I connected and installed the cameras and the system shows the system and the division of the cameras on the screen, but the image does not appear on the camera but rather a black screen, what is the solution

  6. jooper99
    jooper99 says:

    Pretty sure that notch out on the bottom is to let the water to drain out, if any were to get back there. You don't want things mounted on your siding that collect water.

  7. Cy
    Cy says:

    Hi, how do you feel about the Hikvision 5MP DS-2CE16H0T-ITPF for outdoor and for a 20m garage? This is the usual camera from surveillance kits where I'm from.

  8. Stuart Cotterill
    Stuart Cotterill says:

    Jeez thank so much for this review, I was just about to purchase this set up but didnt realise the cameras are huge lol

  9. open defecation
    open defecation says:

    H.265 is a bit outdated. Checkout the HK Vision new compression technology using Smart265 and able to save storage 30-70% compared to H.265

  10. SkyWatcher Aus
    SkyWatcher Aus says:

    Awesome video! I just had a couple of questions, If I wanted to run this camera, would I also need a NVR to store the footage? or can you plug this straight into your network, and just connect to the camera via the assigned ip with the software? also If I just wanted to use this for the star capture as you did with your video, could I set up notifications on the software to see detection of the moving objects. Thanks again.


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