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  1. Marc Hicks
    Marc Hicks says:

    The Good Times T.V. show and the Jeffersons T.V. show Movin on Up theme song singer songwriter actress, the late Ja'net Dubois Youtube song, Me Myself and I drummer Marc Hicks. Ja'nets ' Me Myself and I was recorded when Janet Jackson was taping Good Times with Dubois. Herbie, ya did it again!!! Rockit is a classic rock instrumental with funk phrasing. Exellent job.

  2. UnprovokedViolence
    UnprovokedViolence says:

    I look up hernia Hancock too find out this Is his song lol? I know little about his music actually and just associate this sound with the 80s but had no idea there was any connection. Just a random thing for me lol.


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