Handle with care, red should scare

Handle with care, red should scare
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Image by sniggie
And yet that dangerous red just fascinates us. It’s profoundly seductive, isn’t it?

This is a macro photograph of a heating coil of an electric stove. A heating coil and a stove top should be handled with care.

Remember: red is on, skin be gone

Group note: I took this photo with the thought of measuring my subject to see how accurately I can eyeball small dimensions for macro photography. That is to say, macro photos are taking photos of things that are generally smaller than 3 inches. This group’s moderator brought that up with the group last week on how some photos were just too large to be considered a macro photograph.

When I take macro photographs of money, food, flowers or parts, these generally are quite small. But I wanted to measure how well I could eyeball the largest macro.

So after taking this photo, I measured the bottom end of the bottom coil up to the left edge of the top coil. It turns out that this is 1 7/8 inches high (4.76 cm), which means my subject is just under 3 inches long (7.62 cm). According to this group, that is small enough to be generally regarded as a macro.

It turns out that my ability to eyeball it, judging the scale of smallness, has checked out reasonably well today.

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