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  1. Mick Holgate
    Mick Holgate says:

    Hi Mate, what format of raw does the iphone/Halide generate? curious to understand if further editing can be done in lightroom or photoshop?

  2. Andre Babiak
    Andre Babiak says:

    I would disagree about the "best iPhone camera app". I think it's missing to display the automatically chosen ISO and shutter speed in auto exposure mode. As a photographer I need to know these things to make a decision if a photo might turn out blurry or noisy, or if I should go into manual mode instead. But what bothers me even more is the complete lack of video recording. I understand that the focus of Halide is photography but by completely abandoning videography a user can't substitute the native camera app with Halide. There are many real life situations where an iPhone shooter needs to quickly switch between photo or video.

  3. dario sartori
    dario sartori says:

    Great great job dear . Just a question? Can you suggest me a camera app that can be open and she can allow me to shot at 16 by 9 rapidly? But without extra cropping like a shot taken while video is recording. Thanks


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