NFL and NFL players have found Brown did not continue to wear contacting equipment, and he and other starting offensive players were gathered together during the training period. The raids may also face penalties today.

Pierre Paul himself also hopes to complete the contract with the team as soon as possible, as long as the team removed him from the non-rugby injury list, and completed the contract before 17 this year, he will Can be affordable.

Tennesi Titan was fined $ 350,000 due to violation of new crown prevention regulations.
After the joint investigation of NFL and NFL players, Tennesi Titan was fined $ 350 because of violating new crown prevention regulations. The center of gravity of the joint survey will turn to the new crown of Las Vegas raids.

Pony local time announced that Masis has signed a contract with a contract, and his contract will end after the 2016 season. Massis has ended due to the four penalties that have been advened by the NFL to improve the use of drug use, but he reimbursed the grades of tendon in private training in short ago. cheap nfl jerseys from china official website reporter Albert Breer reported that Masis was placed on Non-Football Injury List based on Non-Football Injury List this year, he would get $ 6 million salary. His 2016 salary will be $ 6 million.

Informed people revealed that Titan fully cooperates with a joint investigation, providing documents and videos, and helping to arrange faces. This survey also found that Titan spent a lot of time and resources in the rest of the tour, which made more changes in the epidemic prevention efforts of the team base after emergence incidents. The Alliance sent their findings in Titan last week.

The packer’s pass-to-strategy is also very interesting, Sam Hillz and Tremond – Williams are also the outer angle guard against the good level, but they rarely use pressure defense, almost every gear Are you fighting and retreat, why? Cowboy holds Dedz-Bryant and Tematian-Williams two feet stepping on the wind shoe, if the adventure and they are hard fighting in the kick, then I am afraid it will eat when the eagle will eat. Loss, so the package is the strategy of packing, and the nest of the middle pass passed the ball, let the outer corner guards to deal with it alone, and use the post-removal anti-counterfeiting method to avoid the number of large numbers, except for the last moment, the final time is quite controversial Outside the ball, the packaging worker has also made full efforts to guard against the prevention, considering that the defensive frontline contributed 5 kills and 13 shots, this is the strategic success of the packaging work.

The only advantage for the dismissal of Qinsler is that he proved his value during the Sea Eagle. Although Earl Thomas is considered to be the harmonious builder of the Eagle “Boom Army” second-line defensive, Qifusler is a real main bone. Thomas himself recognizes that Qifusler determines his defensive position before each defensive. Now, the Hawks rank in the total defensive code number, ranking twenty-first in the defensive pass.

If the raid is ultimately punished, they may have a heavier ticket for the past has violated the epidemic prevention provisions. The raid was a fine of $ 250,000 because Jon Gruden (Jon Grude) did not wear a mask. Since it was fined 50,000 US dollars after the unlicensed person, there were several players to host charities in indoors. No punishment is not wearing a mask.

Similarly, on Monday, the raid people put the new Show-anglean-Anet ARNETTE in the weekend into the new crown reserve list. Then on Wednesday morning, the raid people learned that Trent Brown was also diagnosed, and the contacts of the contact work allowed the other four of the first offensive frontline to absent the training of the entire week. Safety Wei Jonathan – Abram Abram missed the game of Tan Palpwan pirates.

I never want the team, Minnesota local community or my teammates. I have never thought that I would be in the world to judge my parents or call my child’s position because I have a manuscript of my son.

If this Wednesday, it was proved to be the turning point of the Haiying season and would not surprised. Qifesler is one of the team leaders in the 2014 season. In addition, he also assumed the responsibility of correcting the discipline of players.

The two did not explain that Yoususler ended the dismissive at this time. Carol said that he would never discuss the amount of fines during the Quezler dismissal. He also said that it will not reveal whether the Hawks finally gave money to agree with his contract requirements. And Qinsler himself also gave a similar answer, he said, “Treat these problems at the end of the season.”

My lawyer has asked me not to discuss the fact details of the case. I hope that you can respect this request and help me follow it. I very much hope that the public can listen to my thoughts but I understand that it is not appropriate to talk about these details now. However, I hope everyone can understand how much I brought to my child is how sorry.

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