GOPRO HERO 5 BLACK | Review, demo, test, advise and footage

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  1. MAD Airsoft
    MAD Airsoft says:

    It is called black not due to colour of Gopro but to differentiate between cheaper silver edition and the more high end black edition

  2. Andrew Allen
    Andrew Allen says:

    Hi recently upto yesterday I sent back 3 gopro's two Camparks X30, V30 and a AKASO SJ9000 I think, because of audio and visual issue. I like what was said about the Hero 5 Black but just one thing just like the rest of gopro's the moving image has a stagger movement to it if you look closely at it, when it is moving over the grass area. The first cheap gopro I had was smooth compared to this expensive one. Therefore for what it can do I would consider it in the future.

  3. AJ
    AJ says:

    Just got one as a gift and i can't stop playing with it. I love photography and this gopro is going with me on all my future dates lol

  4. Anthony Z
    Anthony Z says:

    Do you have to constantly wake up recording like older models? I notice older models you have to tap to wake it and resume recording.


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