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  1. hydargos
    hydargos says:

    Very surprised by the photos, but disappointed by the video. As I'm looking forward to the Pixel 5, I hope Google made progress here.

  2. Aryn Martin
    Aryn Martin says:

    I was debating on this one for my next phone, camera being the most important thing for me because I take tons of pictures, so thank you for the excellent review!

  3. Arturs Z.
    Arturs Z. says:

    Yes I know pixel 4 have the best cameras ever but he have more errors like 3, 2, or 1 pixel
    And don't have unlimited access in Google photos 👎

  4. Ricky Onggo
    Ricky Onggo says:

    the battery for 4xl is good . i dont find battery issue. i can use it 8-11 hours per day.

    I changed my ip 11 pro to pixel 4 xl.
    First, I can save more money because i bought second hand (3 weeks used) and then my focus is only camera.
    ip 11 pro has a great camera and video too.
    but pixel is pixel. I impressed with the potrait mode. still the best.
    about the shutter lag , Pixel 4 xl also good. because i usually take fast moving object ( my kids), no problem at all.

    fyi: ip 11 also got an awesome shutter lag.

  5. theproduct456
    theproduct456 says:

    Man google has to be paying this guy cause I have the pixel 4 and the camera isn't that great my cousin has the Samsung s20 ultra and I just want to throw this sh%t In the river.

  6. Oralia Mejia
    Oralia Mejia says:

    Is anyone experiencing the distortion when using the front facing camera? It widens my face.. is there a solution to this?

  7. Alan Smithee
    Alan Smithee says:

    Video has always been trash on the pixels but fake sites like DXO Mark didn't ever point this out. They had me thinking my phone was faulty with how bad my pixel 2 was.


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