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  1. J Zandiotis
    J Zandiotis says:

    Great review bro! I know you were just reviewing the camera. But a favorite feature other ppl reviewing this phn leave out is where it automatically detects any song it hears and displays info.

  2. khadam ikhwan
    khadam ikhwan says:

    Can you give me link for Camera mod that you use ? I've take astrophotography with random mod out there but its force close

  3. Vincenz Lee
    Vincenz Lee says:

    Thank you for this video, man!

    I'm planning to buy one. Currently using an iPhone XR and Galaxy S20+ but I'm really curious with how the Pixel 2 XL will perform this year.

    I'm sold with your cool shots 🙌🏼

  4. Tony Swaby
    Tony Swaby says:

    For me the camera is very poor. Results are too contrasty, it can't take shots of halftone images, subtle shades are bleached out so it just creates black and white images. If you just want contrasty, saturated and details images then this phone will be fine. If you're into photography this phone isn't for you.

  5. Nick Syahril Storror
    Nick Syahril Storror says:

    It still good enough for a photography shot though🤔🤩 haha maybe i might grab the secondhand soon because ATM i use ios devices so yeah i really wanna buy it soon☝🏻💪🏻🙏🏻

  6. Faruk ahmed
    Faruk ahmed says:

    Why my pixel 2 XL camera is so blury and Unclear. I used every possible method to fix it but it still same. Could you give me any suggestion?


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