First Look | Poco F1 | GCAM 7.4 | BSG | Motion Photos | Motion Tracking | EIS | Without ROOT

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  1. munchy
    munchy says:

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    Will it work on rooted devices
    How do we have multiple gcam ports installed on one device?
    Bleek Magic 😛
    These are clones, and have different package names which do not conflict with each other.
    *xx feature is not working in gcam?
    It is what it is, I dont know how to fix it.
    How did you take portrait of objects? Works out of the box

    Will this work on MIUI 10:- dont know, try and let us know.
    Will this work on MIUI 11 & Android Pie:- I dont know, try and let us know. Some of these Gcams are Android 10 only.
    Will this work on (insert custom rom name here) custom rom :- I dont know, try and let us know. Can't try on custom roms, too many to try.
    When will we get Stable Gcam 7.x?
    No idea, I dont port Gcams.

  2. Sherlock Strange Holmes
    Sherlock Strange Holmes says:

    Can you make a review of Gcam 7.5 for Poco F1?
    Heard that it's auto focus while shooting video is really good. Also heard there is now support to switch between external and internal mic.

  3. Shah Musaib
    Shah Musaib says:

    I am not getting EIS but jus Video stabilization and not getting the 60FPS option in 1080p or 4K, also motion tracking is not working very efficiently. How do I fix it?

    Edit: I removed the Adreno 360 GPU driver and the FPS issue is resolved, got 60 FPS in both 1080p and 4K. But EIS is still not showing, instead it shoes Video Stabilization. I have MIUI 11.0.6 Global with the latest NGK.

  4. abishek raj
    abishek raj says:

    sir i am using poco f1 custom rom op6 quarentine edition what type of gcam can be used to get all features ike 4k 60 fps and slowmo pls tell me


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