First Impression Review of Logitech BCC950 Conference CAM for Lync/Skype/Others

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  1. leeluv96
    leeluv96 says:

    I don't want to hook one up to a CPU. I want to Skype to Chromecast on a Television through either a  mobile phone or a tablet. None of the videos show how to connect. I need to see the connection in order for me to know if this could work.

  2. Alejandro Lengua Vega
    Alejandro Lengua Vega says:

    How/where can I get a replacement for the USB stick that raises the camera to eye level?

    I recently purchased this camera, but unfortunately it came without this accessory
    but I don´t want to send the camera back to Amazon for a complete replacement so
    I am looking for alternatives.

    You can see this picture for further references:

  3. Cliche
    Cliche says:

    I have this cam; how the hell can I turn off the autofocus, does anyone know? There was no software that came with it, no disc or anything, just the camera and remote. I do really love have the remote, but when i make videos (check out my pole dance vids on here) you can see how much it's constantly focusing. It makes it very distracting, very annoying for such an expensive camera!


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