Image by sspantherss
A locket from the Vatican.


I could go and be like many other deviants who are commonly going all religion and faith bashing, but I prefer to be myself. 🙂 Now, though this has a cross hence it’s obviously a Christian necklace, nevertheless, this photo is meant to speak for any pagan, christian, buddhist, atheist, etc. who has faith. The faith may not be the religious kind…it may just be faith in hope or another person, but faith religiously or not has kept people striving for numberless years. It can help us to survive and improve our quality of lives especially through the most dismal periods. I know this personally, despite the many downfalls of any religions, it’s the people who make it negative more often, and the principle beliefs are usually respectable.

So basically, people need to be more understanding with their criticism and generalizations of any specific faith, because I guarantee, under all the negative media, and history it is one of the most lasting and ancient virtues on earth today, spiritually or not. I am not a very religious person, but I feel terribly when I see people calling others stupid or idiots because they believe in a higher power or something along that sort…who are we to judge so blindly?

Oh, I like this piece btw.

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