EufyCam 2 Review – Wireless WiFi Security Camera – Unboxing, Features, Settings, Video Quality

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  1. George Robarge
    George Robarge says:

    Does anyone know if you were to buy a third party solar panel for the camera, would it degrade the battery since it would be continuously charging?

  2. Tuan Nguyen
    Tuan Nguyen says:

    After watching the review, I have ordered and used the camera for about 2 months. Fully charged the camera and now it shows only 19%. Don't believe with the 365 days battery showing on the box.

  3. Ronnie Razon
    Ronnie Razon says:

    I have the eufy battery doorbell camera love it.
    Quick question.. on the HOMEBASE 2 USB port is it only meant to charge the doorbell camera/camera? Or is it meant also to be able to adapt external drive?.
    Some you tubes I heard you can and others you cannot. Please clarify if there is the correct answer.
    All the reviews you have made with EUFY product's are great .
    Thank you.

  4. M B
    M B says:

    Is the 16GB internal memory recording enough? Or Is there an external option to use SD card or usb with higher memory capacity?

  5. CoLdBLaDe
    CoLdBLaDe says:

    Good review thanks for sharing something worth mentioning, device theft is not covered under the manufacture warranty.
    This might be the deciding factor for me between this and the Arlo competitor

  6. Ricardo Silva Lopes
    Ricardo Silva Lopes says:

    One thing i could not understand here, the base is connected to Wifi and the cameras can connect to your home Wifi or they connect to the base only? So, they can connect to base thru home wifi, or not ? I am asking this because my home is pretty vertical and i have Mesh wifi all the house thu Mesh Deco . I would like to re-use that.


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