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  1. AndyT
    AndyT says:

    I have been running this for a year, give it a score of 6/10. The battery will not last a year in a normal urban envioronment, more like 6 months, not a show stopper but the statements made here are pure bollocks. Each morning I check the cameras, most shots are the local cats or stuff just blowing around. The wifi reach is one wall, two at best to 10 metres. Have had a couple of blips where a camera goes offline, once rebooted ok. Would I buy it again? Hindsight being what it is, probably not, but havent seen any alternative that is conclusively better. Would I recommend it? Not on the nonsense in this vid, I looked for convenience and avoiding cable runs so this fitted the bill.

  2. Dan Dobi
    Dan Dobi says:

    Awesome video, thanks for making this. Question, this is local storage right? So without a plan, if you’re not home, can you see activity from your cameras on your phone, or do you have to physically be close to your bay station? Thanks!

  3. Jack Furnari
    Jack Furnari says:

    If you run the video live, does the camera timeout after a half hour.. or does it go beyond a half hour , perhaps like no timeout

  4. Mark My Words Review Channel
    Mark My Words Review Channel says:

    Great video. Thanks for the overview. I am leaning towards Eufy but have read a lot of feedback on Battery Life and since you have had it a while can you comment on how often you have to charge it in reality?

  5. Assad Rasool
    Assad Rasool says:

    Video states 6 months later, this was just an unboxing that he did 6 months earlier and tells me nothing about how the product is 6 months in. 😂

  6. David Diaz
    David Diaz says:

    Please I need help .. should I buy these if my WiFi sucks ? It’s literally 10mbps and it goes off at random times ..

  7. Yang Hagen
    Yang Hagen says:

    As the owner of Eufy doorbell, Camera E, floodlight camera, I'd say I'm so happy to locate these products. The resolution is amazing and better than any other product on the market. Fast response speed and easy UI. Compare to Eufy, other smart security products are trash.

  8. Maxwell Powers
    Maxwell Powers says:

    I have a eufy battery video doorbell, a handfull of their battery cameras, a homebase 1, homebase 2 and an indoor ptz cam. I was going to go all-in on their ecosystem but after using the products for a while that is no longer likely to happen.

    This is probably the most buggy unreliable overpriced under-performing line of “security" products available. I could sit here all day and give you an itemized list of reasons, but just take my word for it and buy something else. At the very least spend a few days reading the endless complaints from users on the eufy forums and know that most every claim eufy security makes in their sales literature is a misrepresentation and should be taken with a grain of salt.

    To give you an idea of what I mean…

    Despite them selling us on the system having local storage and not relying on the cloud the entire security ecosystem is run through their servers. When their servers go down (and they do) you’re unable to access any of your footage even if you’re on the same lan as the cameras. If they go under or pull the plug you have a lot of expensive paperweights.


    Their claimed runtime between recharges is basically a bold faced lie if you actually plan to use the products. Motion detection is a.d.d.. Activity and ignore zones are largely broken. No 2fa unless you’re in Canada or Germany (and good luck buying the security lineup in Canada). Says it supports up to 16 cams but pukes and dies when much more than 1 thing is happening at a time with only 4 connected. (And will lose recorded events as a result) Scheduling and geofencing are basically broken. It constantly misses obvious events but is forever notifying of things it shouldn’t. It detects cats as humans. It detects people as pets (ok, kind of hilarious when the indoor cam thinks my wife is the cat and the camera plays a recording that says “Who’s a good kitty?” but still.)

    Did I mention that even while ‘turned off” in the Eufy security app their indoor cameras are constantly communicating with a variety of servers on a minute by minute basis. Not just for dns and firmware checks either… Circle shows them as IP’s for steam, facetime, minecraft, etc. No idea what it’s doing but it probably shouldn't be doing it when off. (I put it on a smart plug and power it down when I'm home)

    …I’m just getting warmed up. I could go on

    Look elsewhere. Seriously. At least until they do a 180 and get their shit together, which by the look of things won't be happening any time soon. :lowbatt:

    Just a heads up.


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