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  1. Baba Yaga
    Baba Yaga says:

    Mine freezes randomly making it very unreliable. I've tried all the SD cards that they recommend and it doesn't matter. Look it up, it's super common. Pass on this. You don't want to question if your camera is working or not.

  2. Crokto
    Crokto says:

    Haha right as you were talking about how seamless the splits were, there was like a blurp that I'm assuming was from two clips being merged

  3. SteelRodent
    SteelRodent says:

    You'd think it was possible to make the cameras turn off the mics when they're only picking up wind noise. Same with the cameras on drones that only pick up the propeller sound. It just wastes power processing useless audio

  4. Warren Stocks
    Warren Stocks says:

    Great video. Bought one based on your review. Re the sound, I taped off the front mike with insulating tape. Much better. Less weird noises! Thanks again

  5. Pipertwintubo
    Pipertwintubo says:

    out of interest do you still use this camera and have you had any issues. been reading some not very favorable reviews, and wondered if a trustable source like you had anything happen?

  6. Stephen Smith
    Stephen Smith says:

    I've had this camera for about a month now. I've had problems with sinc-ing it up to my phone, as well as charging the unit, and most recently, giving me an error that my disc is full. If it's not one thing, it's another. Not impressed.

  7. GTXFn Cycling
    GTXFn Cycling says:

    I just got one of these – I love it. I use the Cycliq Fly 12ce and fly 6ce on my handlebars and seat post… First ride however, once the memory card got full, it didn't loop around, it just turned off… I made sure the firmware was up to date, formatted the card, turned off the thumbnails and I was running it at 1080p 30fps… as I'm used to the out of the box dvr loop perfection of the cycliq products, I'm wondering if I've missed a step?

  8. mustn't grumble
    mustn't grumble says:

    Good comments apart from the waterproof bit. I can definitely confirm that it is not waterproof and if you're intention is to use in all weather's you'll need to purchase the clear plastic waterproof case


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