Dragon Touch 4K Waterproof Action Cam Review

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  1. siddharth Raj
    siddharth Raj says:

    Can this be connected to PC as a webcam.
    I read it's manual online, I did not understand if this has a pc mode
    Which will make it work like a webcam when connected over USB

  2. George Habib
    George Habib says:

    Any idea what the wifi range for a camera like this would be? I'm interested in using something like this on an underwater drone (say max 10m deep) and stream video to the surface

  3. FallenTouchstone of Eld
    FallenTouchstone of Eld says:

    Very Nice review. Although the 8 bit music for the drive was tedious to listen to. Why do the trees look like they are melting pixels together on the overcast day?

  4. Riding reviews
    Riding reviews says:

    I use the dragon touch vision 3 for motorcycle videos 1080 is ok looks more like 480 quality and the 4k is a lot worse than 1080 I did try a go pro 7 silver and that did even charge i had to return it


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