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  1. Tech Gear Talk
    Tech Gear Talk says:

    ⭐️ Best price for the DJI Osmo Action: https://geni.us/e8XBl (affiliate)

    What's up everyone?! I hope this review of the DJI Osmo Action was helpful. Did you like it? I wasn’t sure I was going to like this camera but it’s a great value. The image quality is very good for an action camera and the stabilization is fantastic.

    Was there too much detail? Not enough? What did you like, and also, what did you not like? What would you like to see more of? Would love to know what you think, good or bad. I am grateful in advance 🙏

  2. Eric Johnson
    Eric Johnson says:

    I wish I had seen this review before I bought my GoPro 8 black, with having no diagram built in, ND filters are a must, but fitting them on the GoPro is a real pain. The round threaded lens on the Osmo and the front facing screen is a winner. I have tried every mode and positions trying to get steady video when walking to no avail, when walking with it mounted on a selfie stick I get up n down movement, and when I mount it on my chest pod I get side to side movement, so so don’t believe the b/s about these cameras being gimbal killers, as I am now researching which is the best gimbal for the my wrong choice of camera

  3. Kundan Kumar
    Kundan Kumar says:

    Hey bro great video and also great confusion between GoPro Hero 8 and osmo action!! Tell me which one should i go with??

  4. אלון אנג'ל
    אלון אנג'ל says:

    come everybody that's it produces videos on this camera I think your videos the best one the best detailed the best deliver the best everything and I'm going to use this to create a video in my only take it as a compliment a really big one

  5. All About Spain by BarryHaylor
    All About Spain by BarryHaylor says:

    I am using a iPhone 8 for YouTube videos, is the osmo action a better bet. Excellent video thanks Barry Spain 🇪🇸

  6. Sarah Cards
    Sarah Cards says:

    How was the mic? I am using an Olympus tg 5 which is great but the framing is a big issue for me as well, and the stabilization isn't great… So I was thinking of upgrading to a GoPro hero 8 or the osmo action?

  7. Wahaj Rashid
    Wahaj Rashid says:


    I have 2 questions:

    How about lag on the display when you have rock steady on? Is it fixed?

    Secondly, i shoot food/recipe videos with my DSLR. However i am planning to buy Osmo Action for slomo.

    Do you recommend it?

  8. Jose Castro
    Jose Castro says:

    Even though the osmo has an easier interface, the front display and an easier way to take off the battery I can't stop seeing a better image quality on the gopro hero 8 and I believe I'm paying a bit more for it.

  9. The Recovery Sensei
    The Recovery Sensei says:

    Do you recommend getting the Osmo action over the GoPro 8. I can get a GoPro 8 for a great price from a friend that bought the GoPro and doesn't use it.

  10. sagar pun
    sagar pun says:

    Why is there a price difference when you buy the same Osmo action camera from DJi store and some other websites like amazon?
    Is it with quality?


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