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  1. Joni Novak
    Joni Novak says:

    G-eye 900… bought yesterday, RETURNED today! Stabilizier sometimes work, sometimes not! Photos are only in 4:3 !!! format! Are u kiddin me?

    I also own g-eye 500 and is very good for price.

  2. koyaanisqatsi
    koyaanisqatsi says:

    Hello Duke,
    I see this on the package:
    With this function, you no longer need to edit your videos, since once the recording is done, you will just have one file(*) where classic cameras and smartphones would give you several.

    (*): maximum video file size: 4GB, or around 20 minutes.
    So does this mean I should press the record button every 20 mins?

  3. Malay Basu Ray
    Malay Basu Ray says:

    Can the camera be charged in remort areas directly from power source with or without using the provided USB along with the package..


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