Customer Service and Pick-up

Customer Service and Pick-up
Retailers & General Merchandise
Image by Nicholas Eckhart
I want to say other "project impact" Walmart stores have their customer service counters at the general merchandise entrance as well. This store also has the pick-up in the front instead of in the back. I believe the newer stores tend to have the pick-up in the front.

This store is one of the few supercenter stores closed in the January 2016 Walmart store closing wave. There were 269 stores closed (154 in the U.S.). Of those closings only 12 were Supercenter stores. The closing wave included mostly smaller stores like Neighborhood market and Walmart Express.

This is an approximately 192,000 square foot Walmart store that opened on August 26, 2009. This is the Hartland, Michigan location I’ll post the pictures of the closed Bedford, Ohio Supercenter as well within a couple weeks after finishing the Hartland pictures. These and many of my Bedford pictures are currently floating around elsewhere online.

I believe the big box retailers were overly ambitious when they built up at the intesection of U.S. 23 and Highland Road. Due to the recession, a lot of developement due to happen around this intesection never happened. Target doesn’t seem to be doing that well either here. Meijer is the only store that looked like it was doing well in the area. Then again, the Meijer locations around here seem distributed weirdly. There are three Meijer stores on Highland Road within 20 miles of each other yet Fenton (a decent sized city to the north) does not have a Meijer. Both Walmart and Target have stores in Fenton though, so I wonder how many people come from Fenton to go to the Hartland Meijer. I also imagine the grocery section at this Walmart contributed to its closure. When I was at this store, I noticed a bunch of grocery items, on the shelves, that were months expired. I doubt Meijer lets that happen as much. Since Meijer is a Michigan based company, they probably have a more loyal following in the area to begin with.

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