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  1. guy g
    guy g says:

    I miss the 90s when MTV played music videos like this. In 94, this sone was on at least once an hour on MTV for the longest time! I always liked videos like this that made you really think about the meaning, etc.

  2. thestew56
    thestew56 says:

    I'm 40 now…I used to play that opening riff on guitar and my grandpas dog would howl every time.

    Its an easy riff…play it on an instilment! See if your pet reacts….

  3. Marissa Gonzalez
    Marissa Gonzalez says:

    I had a dream last night I was singing this very loud in public. Haven’t heard this song in a while. Mad weird. Then it came on the radio today.

  4. Melissa Marcou
    Melissa Marcou says:

    I love music it helps make the day easier. But if my head hurts not so much. Need pain meds and I don't take anything but something causes stomach ulcers so I am screwed. Any ideas anyone can't take goody powders


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