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  1. LimitlessThinker
    LimitlessThinker says:

    My father and his brother were sent over during WWII. His brother had a jazz band and he never made it back alive, but my father did. He used to bury himself in his jazz. I'm certain music had a deep meaning to him, after losing his brother in the war.
    I was born in the 50s and so it used to be normal to grow up hearing jazz. My generation was into rock, but music is always influenced by the greats.

  2. Phil Pryor
    Phil Pryor says:

    I've been talking to myself, while listening, to no purpose, in suggesting that no so called popular song is so challenging, pleasant, threatening, beautiful, rewarding to player of listening, as Body and Soul, for its inner intensity, so, ow did Johnny Green do it to give us this sensational art monument of what seems like a popular song?? Here, old heavyweight basher Jimmy Forrest gives it a bedfull of pressure and pleasure and the pain of intense self expression and relief. because this is a great human song…

  3. Bruno Dangrezat
    Bruno Dangrezat says:

    If you like the Jazz AND you like this music, then you will like discovering Swingfm, the radio of Hot Club of Limoges, that of the jazz which swing, Duke , Lionel Hampton , Count Basie , Sidney, Louis and Ella …?

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    Si vous aimez le Jazz ET vous aimez cette musique, alors vous aimerez découvrir Swingfm, la radio du Hot Club de Limoges, que du jazz qui swing, le Duke , Lionel Hampton , Count Basie , Sidney, Louis and Ella …

    __ http://www.swingfm.asso.fr c'est la radio du Hot Club de Limoges, avec toute l'histoire de cette musique, de ces musiciens qui ont construit cet art musical.

    Des concerts enregistrés et organisés pendant plus de cinquante ans par ce Hot Club et sans pub.

  4. Geezer Gonewild
    Geezer Gonewild says:

    Is a list of the musicians for each of the two concerts available anywhere? These are two of the best, most together Basie bands ever was. What a treat!


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