Consulting Interview, Kevin P. Coyne, former McKinsey Worldwide Strategy Practice Co-Leader

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  1. Vicky Chan
    Vicky Chan says:

    This is gold. I have paid prices along the way as a consultant in the last 10 years. Doubted myself, contemplated whether I should start shifting my line because so many people rise high got there with that. But after watching this video, I’m now confident that I’ve made the right choice that I can live with for the rest of my life. Thank you for sharing this for free!

  2. Daniel Anastacio
    Daniel Anastacio says:

    I really wish I could have someone of the caliber of Kevin as a mentor. Someone who is so knowlegeable but still holds true to values and principles that are ever less and less important in this modern society.

  3. Reynald Michael Rodriguez
    Reynald Michael Rodriguez says:

    I just noticed this was 7 years ago yet it still applies today. Consulting industry is truly
    an amazing industry.

  4. Anas
    Anas says:

    I have revisited this interview multiple times the past four years. I somehow always find a new insight every time I watch it. It's ultimate!

  5. Samuel
    Samuel says:

    This is the kind of video you watch routinely. There is so much insight here that needs time to grow in the mind. I am going to be pondering on how the # of objective function differentiates consulting firms, client companies and the government. Thank you for getting Kevin Coyne on FC!


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