Coldplay – Sparks


  1. dreamy peach

    why can i imagine and old couple dancing to this at the beach. why can i imagine that old couple being me and him when we get older. but i can only Imagine. 🙂

  2. Tyler Hecklinger

    ok so should we talk about Wedding Crashers?

  3. steph

    I miss you Deymien. So much. I miss the sparks u gave me and the safety u gave me it glad ur happy with her

  4. hi :D

    I don’t consider myself a emotional person at all.

    But seriously, how can people not cry to this song?? Or even just get a bit of a sad feeling. Like I’m usually a happy person and even I get a calm sad feeling. It’s insane your literally a murderer if you don’t get a sad vibe to this song AHAHA

  5. Ashley Bautista

    hey dear skater boy,
    what happened to us? i was looking forward to us later in time. i just wanna thank you for those 2 days we hung out, it was just 2 days I know, but you don’t know how happy u made me in those 2 days, best 2 days of my life:) don’t wanna make myself look/sound clingy but I just wanna know why you left without saying anything? did I mistakenly do something wrong? was I not the one? it’s okay I forgive you. we don’t have to be lovers, I respect that , hope u find ur real lover, but I just hope we can still be friends. you were that shy, skinny, tall, pale, sweet boy I fell in love with, I miss you. It’s only been 6 days that you’ve ghosted me but it feels like MONTHS, I still check to see if you’ve read my message or if you have responded. You were the first boy I actually ever felt something for during all my 16 years, you were the one. I just hope I can get a text back doesnt matter if it’s “okay” or something small I just wanna know if you still haven’t forgotten about me or if you still care about whst we had for those past 8 months we’ve been talking for.

  6. Yaoi Hub

    Everytime I hear this song I think of the galaxy is endless I’m crying “Kenma…………” “kuroo”

  7. Kharma

    this song came out 2 months before i was born🥺

  8. Oumaima El Ouali

    "I love you"
    "please don't leave me"

  9. Oumaima El Ouali

    Al these comments… I'm to scared to fall in love… luckily I won't get hurt if I won't meet new people…

  10. Hebrewblud

    i cut my chest; split it right down the middle, barely any blood, maybe just a little, i pull out my heart beating as it may and i put it in your hands i look to you and say "you have it now, may you hold it forever" and you give it back to me and tell me that never, could you love me, not now nor ever, the light in your eyes has turned to the dark and i saw sparks…yeah i saw sparks

  11. Can you hear me Major Tom?

    who listens to this while thinking about their crush

  12. Gabrielle Gutierrez

    When the stories in the comments are the only thing you can think of while listening to a song

  13. Angela Buettner

    My husband and i got married at 17.. 33 now and this is still our jam

  14. zoe

    this song feels 30 seconds and 30 minutes long at the same time

  15. Christopher Ellis

    I love this song. Got it on repeat right now

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