Chronos 2.1 Review | FullHD High Speed Camera with Amazing Value

In this video we will review Chronos 2.1 $5000 high speed camera and show how it works through some examples. For more information about Chronos …

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  1. Karl Ascheneimer
    Karl Ascheneimer says:

    To get less bluriness in the edges it would be better to increase ISO and shut down the lens-opening a bit. This will reduce quality for more visibility. This is a general thing about photography.

  2. Lukas Kortmann
    Lukas Kortmann says:

    Greetings from a fellow Chronos user!

    Have you tried the higher framerates at lower resolution? If you end up renting one of the more expensive high speed cameras again, it would be cool if you could shoot some comparisons with the Chronos, both at Full HD and at faster framerates.

    For focusing I recommend printing out a Siemens star and focusing on that, it makes it much more obvious when you are in focus.


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