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  1. 1fen
    1fen says:

    Am I the only one disturbed by the video? Listening to the lyrics he sings with pictures of his wife and kids. He fucking killed himself a selfish act. He abandoned his family. This video makes me mad him and feel bad about his family. He's was a asshole. Worse father of the year!!

  2. Jeremy Dwyer
    Jeremy Dwyer says:

    This song was mediocre when Guns & Roses did it. When Chris does with that soul and that voice. Its now one of my favorites. I can't stop listening to it.

  3. Babbey Mae
    Babbey Mae says:

    This is the One…. if I hear this song in the future…. it will validate everything I feel in my safe space… Patience. Will. Become. Me. (:

  4. Jessica Curtis
    Jessica Curtis says:

    I love how he made it his own. Nothing can top the original for me, but this is stunning in his own unique Chris Cornell way. He was a great.


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