Varusmiehellä koronatartunta Parolan panssariprikaatissa

Varusmiehellä koronatartunta Parolan panssariprikaatissa

120 varusmiestä ja 10 henkilökuntaan kuuluva asetetaan karanteenin korona-altistuksen vuoksi.

Puolustusvoimissa todettiin viime vuonna yhteensä 180 koronatartuntaa.Puolustusvoimissa todettiin viime vuonna yhteensä 180 koronatartuntaa.

Puolustusvoimissa todettiin viime vuonna yhteensä 180 koronatartuntaa. Oliver Saarinen / maavoimat

Parolan Panssariprikaatissa palvelevalla varusmiehellä on sunnuntaina todettu koronavirustartunta. Prikaati kertoo tiedotteessa, että tartunnan tultua tietoon on välittömästi aloitettu altistuneiden kartoitus. Tämän perusteella altistuneita on yhteensä 130, joista kymmenen on henkilökuntaan kuuluvia ja loput varusmiehiä.

Prikaatin mukaan tartunnan saanut varusmies on lähtenyt normaalille lomajaksolle viime perjantaina. Infektiolääkärin määrittämä tartuttavuusajanjakso on 10.-15. tammikuuta ja tästä johtuen on todennäköistä, että moni on saattanut altistua tartunnalle.

Kaikki altistuneet varusmiehet ovat samasta yksiköstä ja osastosta. Sekä sairastunut että altistuneet varusmiehet ovat tällä hetkellä lomajaksolla. Prikaatin mukaan parhaillaan on meneillään altistuneiden kontaktointi.

Kaikki altistuneet tullaan asettamaan karanteeniin perjantaihin 29. tammikuuta kello 16.00 saakka.

Tammikuussa 17 tartuntaa

Panssariprikaatissa on noudatettu puolustusvoimien viime keväästä lähtien voimassa olleita koronakäytäntöjä, joissa kaikki varusmiehet ja heidän kouluttajat on jaettu kolmeen eri osastoon. Ideana on, että kukin ryhmä on vuorollaan neljä viikkoa koulutuksessa ja kaksi viikkoa vapaalla, eivätkä ryhmät kohtaa toisiaan missään vaiheessa. Palvelusviikoista puolet vietetään kasarmilla ja puolet maastoharjoituksissa.

Puolustusvoimissa on todettu armeijan koronavirussivujen mukaan tammikuussa yhteensä 16 varmistettua koronavirustartuntaa. Näistä yksitoista on ollut varusmiehillä ja loput henkilökunnalla. Luvussa ei ole mukana uusinta tartuntaa.

Viime vuoden aikana varusmiehillä todettiin yhteensä 98 varmistettua koronavirustartuntaa. Keväällä tartuntoja oli 18. Kesäkuun alun ja syyskuun 20. päivän välillä tapauksia ei todettu yhtään. Tämän jälkeen loppuvuonna varusmiehillä todettiin 80 koronatartuntaa. Lisäksi koko viime vuoden aikana henkilökunnalla todettiin yhteensä 82 varmistettua koronavirustartuntaa.

Kaikki uutiset koronaviruksesta.

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Finnish researchers lead EU project using AI and ge­n­om­ics for disease pre­ven­tion and treatment

Finnish researchers lead EU project using AI and ge­n­om­ics for disease pre­ven­tion and treatment

The collaborative project aims to unleash powerful artificial intelligence technologies on genomic and longitudinal health data in order to develop and test next-generation tools for the prevention, diagnosis and personalised treatment of both common and rare diseases.

One of its main focal points will be to develop and test the validity of improved genetic risk scores, statistical tools created based on genome-wide profiling of individuals. The scores will be integrated with life-long clinical and laboratory data to design predictive tools and identify individuals with an elevated disease risk.

The effectiveness of the tools will be tested on three diseases with a massive health burden – cardiovascular disease, type-2 diabetes and breast cancer – in Finland, Estonia and Italy.

The project also aims to establish a European platform that enables researchers and clinicians to calculate genetic scores and, ultimately, the adoption of such scores as a gold standard in clinical research.

photo of researcher at his computer

Dr. Andrea Ganna from the University of Helsinki is co-leading the project. Image: Jouko Siro

“There is a pressing need for developing efficient development and testing platforms to enhance clinical validation of these powerful algorithms,” said Samuli Ripatti, a professor at the University of Helsinki. “Furthermore, we need the novel tools to be able to automatically calculate the scores in different ancestry groups and to communicate the risk information to clinicians and to citizens in an understandable manner.”

Ripatti highlighted that the project consortium has brought together leaders in artificial intelligence, biobanks, clinical research, information technology, and ethical, legal and societal impact from across the world.

The emphasis on the ethical and regulatory ramifications of genomics prediction is evidence of a desire to establish a framework for wider, ethically and legally responsible adoption in practice.

“We are very excited to have gathered so many brilliant and dedicated experts, very impressive datasets and world-class data analysis platform in this unprecedented joint effort to transform clinical research and precision medicine,” rejoiced Andrea Ganna, a project co-lead from the University of Helsinki.

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Finnish government to discuss children’s hobbies on Friday

Finnish government to discuss children’s hobbies on Friday

DEBATE about the rationale for limiting the leisure activities of children and young people to limit the spread of the new coronavirus has continued in Finland.

Municipalities in the Finnish capital region have kept their sports facilities closed for months, provoking protests about the justification for restricting the leisure activities of children and young people while many other sub-segments of the society continue to operate as usual.

Mayor of Helsinki Jan Vapaavuori (NCP) on Tuesday acknowledged that the municipalities have ventured into risky territory in regards to activities for children and young people, testing the patience of many.

“Rational people are now turning to civil disobedience. People’s sense of justice doesn’t approve of limiting the hobbies of children and young people while several other activities remain possible,” he commented on YLE A-studio.

This may change in the near future, however.

Minister of Science and Culture Annika Saarikko (Centre) on Tuesday assured she shares the concern about child well-being and public patience with the restrictions. “We in the government have to weigh up our recommendations from a viewpoint that makes sure children and young people are considered thoroughly.”

The fate of restrictions on leisure activities will be on the agenda as the government convenes on Friday, according to Saarikko.

Assessing the need for restrictions is complicated by the emergence of new, more transmissible variants of the coronavirus. Asko Järvinen, the head of infectious diseases at the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS), on Tuesday reminded that the transmissibility of the new variants remains to some extent unknown, making it difficult to evaluate the risks associated with them.

“It’s still a question mark and a threat scenario of sorts,” he stated to the public broadcasting company.

The uncertainty has also affected the readiness to ease the restrictions in the government, confirmed Saarikko. The situation, however, is not terribly different from last spring in terms of the lack of reliable information.

“We’re dealing with a virus mutation whose behaviour isn’t fully known to anyone yet,” she said.

Vapaavuori estimated that preventing the spread of the mutation would require considerably tougher measures than suspending the hobbies of children and young people, adding that there is no justification for limiting the hobbies until also other segments of the society are shut down.

Both Saarikko and Vapaavuori conceded that municipal authorities do not have the tools required to combat the virus effectively. An often cited example of this is that private service providers have been able to continue operating as usual while public sports and other free-time facilities have been shut down.

The mooted reform of the communicable diseases act may bring a change to this, revealed Saarikko.

Also Järvinen called attention to the importance of more effective measures to prevent the virus from spreading. Norway, he highlighted, is presently considering resuming leisure activities and in-person teaching for children while imposing restrictions on the sales of alcohol.

“We should have a better understanding on what affects what. We already know that limiting children’s hobbies and school-going isn’t a terribly effective measure,” he said.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT

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2 New Deaths Related to the Coronavirus; 28 in Intensive Care | Finland Today | News in English

2 New Deaths Related to the Coronavirus; 28 in Intensive Care | Finland Today | News in English

318 New Coronavirus Infections in Finland

8 New Deaths Related to the Coronavirus

324 New Coronavirus Infections in Finland

5 New Deaths Related to the Coronavirus

221 New Coronavirus Infections in Finland

11 New Deaths Related to the Coronavirus

200 New Coronavirus Infections Confirmed in Finland

29 New Coronavirus Cases Caused by a Variant Confirmed in Finland

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Biden reverses U.S. withdrawal from WHO

Biden reverses U.S. withdrawal from WHO

Biden reverses U.S. withdrawal from WHO

U.S. President Joe Biden on Wednesday reversed the U.S. process of withdrawing from the World Health Organization (WHO), reported Xinhua.

Hours after being sworn in as the 46th president of the United States, Biden signed an executive order ceasing a withdrawal process that his predecessor Donald Trump initiated last year.

“Americans are safer when America is engaged in strengthening global health. On my first day as President, I will rejoin the @WHO and restore our leadership on the world stage,” Biden tweeted in July when the former administration notified the United Nations of withdrawal from the WHO.

According to media reports, Biden picked Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, to lead a U.S. delegation at the WHO’s annual meetings later this week.

Trump and his administration had repeatedly assailed the WHO. Experts and Democrats had criticized that the Trump administration was trying to shift blames for its mishandling of COVID-19 response and would be counterproductive to addressing the public health crisis.

The United States has registered more than 24.4 million confirmed COVID-19 cases with related deaths exceeding 405,000 as of Wednesday afternoon, showed a tally by Johns Hopkins University.

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10 asiaa, joita et tiennyt Wikipediasta

10 asiaa, joita et tiennyt Wikipediasta

Wikipedia juhlii 20-vuotispäiväänsä.

Wikipedia on tarjonnut tietoa jo 20 vuoden ajan.Wikipedia on tarjonnut tietoa jo 20 vuoden ajan.

Wikipedia on tarjonnut tietoa jo 20 vuoden ajan. AOP

Wikipedia on tarjonnut ihmisille tietoa jo kahden vuosikymmenen ajan. Wikipedia avattiin 15. tammikuuta vuonna 2021.

Juhlistaakseen tietosanakirjaa Mashable keräsi yhteen faktoja Wikipediasta. Koostimme alle mielenkiintoisimmat.

1. Wikipediassa on yli 55 miljoonaa artikkelia yli 300 kielellä.

2. Wikipediassa on kuukausittain yli 280 000 aktiivista editoria.

3. Joka kuukausi Wikipediaa käytetään 1,5 miljardilla eri laitteella ympäri maailmaa.

4. Ensimmäisen oman Wikipedia-artikkelin sai 1700-luvun skottifilosofi Thomas Reid.

5. Kun avaat Wikipedia-artikkelissa mainitun asiasanan ja toistat prosessia, päädyt lähes varmasti filosofiaa käsittelevään artikkeliin. Näin käy 97 prosenttia kaikista tapauksista.

6. Wikipedia on yksi kymmenestä maailman vierailluimmasta verkkosivustosta.

7. Yksi editori on joutunut korjaamaan 47 000 kertaa ilmaisun ”comprised of” (koostua), jota pidetään kielellisesti virheellisenä.

8. Wikipedia-artikkeleita muokataan 1,9 kertaa sekunnissa.

9. Jokaisen Wikipedia-artikkelin historia on vapaasti tarkasteltavissa. Käyttäjien on mahdollista käydä tarkistamassa, miten artikkelia on muokattu.

10. Wikipedian mukaan on nimetty asteroidi 274301 Wikipedia.

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Finland could witness wave of bankruptcies starting in February

Finland could witness wave of bankruptcies starting in February

THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC may not necessarily lead to the broad cross-industry wave of bankruptcies that many feared during the first infections in Finland.

Helsingin Sanomat has reported that early signs suggest that as long as the pandemic does not take another major turn for the worse and various social activities can be resumed, the worst of the financial impact will not be felt outside the tourism and restaurant, culture and entertainment, and speciality retail sectors.

A wave of bankruptcies has thus far been avoided in such sectors due to a temporary legislative change adopted last spring that limits the creditors to apply to bankrupt a debtor. The impact of the amendment has been noticeable, according to the newspaper: the number of bankruptcies was about 17 per cent lower than the previous year between January and November.

The amendment will expire at the end of this month, possibly setting off a bankruptcy wave.

The risk of bankruptcy is tangible especially for companies that have had to effectively suspend their operations and seen their cash flow dry up. Accountor, a provider of digital financial management solutions, has collected data indicating that the share of companies receiving card and other payments declined last autumn to a level that is over 10 per cent lower than one year earlier.

A lack of payments can be interpreted as a sign that the company has no consumer sales.

The share of such companies surged as high as 25 per cent during the first wave of infections last spring.

“This is a sobering reminder of the fact that these companies aren’t getting money from anywhere,” Niklas Sonkin, the chief executive officer of Accountor, stated to Helsingin Sanomat.

Sonkin confirmed that the problem applies particularly to companies in the tourism and restaurant sector, culture and entertainment sector, and speciality retail sector. Although the data from about 10,000 randomly chosen client companies shows that companies have been able to offset the loss of sales by slashing costs, he pointed out that companies invariably also have fixed costs that cannot be trimmed.

“There’s no reason not to expect a bankruptcy wave,” he said.

His assessment was echoed by Ilkka Kujala, the chairperson of the Finnish Association of Auditors. “It’s obvious that a ketchup-bottle phenomenon of sorts is expected. A large share of companies have more debt relative to their assets than last year and find themselves with less wiggle room,” he said to Helsingin Sanomat.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT

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Coronavirus Vaccinations Begin in Most Nursing Homes; Finland to Begin Mass Vaccinations When Enough Shots Are Available

Coronavirus Vaccinations Begin in Most Nursing Homes; Finland to Begin Mass Vaccinations When Enough Shots Are Available

In Finland, Covid-19 vaccinations have progressed to larger vaccination groups and vaccinations have begun in more locations, the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) reports in a statement. The majority of regions have started vaccinations in elderly care homes where vaccinations are given to residents and staff.

“Personnel in intensive care units and other social and health care professionals in the first target groups have now been vaccinated comprehensively,” Mia Kontio, chief specialist at the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, said in a statement.

The coronavirus vaccination rate in Finland has increased slightly in recent days. THL estimates that 45,000 vaccine doses have been administered, compared with 20,000 on January 8.

Due to data transfer problems in patient record systems, some vaccinations are not yet included in the statistics. THL is continuously developing the reporting of vaccination data together with regions and occupational health care.

The availability of vaccines is the most significant factor affecting the vaccination rate.

Currently, Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine is in use in Finland, and Moderna vaccines are expected to arrive in the next few days. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) will process Astra-Zeneca’s application for marketing authorization for the adenovirus vector vaccine in the week beginning January 25. The potential marketing authorization is expected to significantly increase the number of Covid-19 vaccines available.

THL noted that Finland is preparing for the rapid vaccination of its population when enough vaccines are available in the country, and there are effective practices for extensive vaccinating already in place. “Over 1.5 million people have been vaccinated against influenza in a few months each year,” the statement said.

Many municipalities have also planned to implement extensive vaccinations in new ways, such as through mass vaccination centers set up in large public spaces, where several people can be vaccinated simultaneously.

In Tampere, for example, coronavirus vaccinations of the population will be arranged through a multi-lane vaccination line. In Lappeenranta, the aim is to carry out vaccinations in a shopping center for easy access.

“In a pandemic situation, it is important to reserve enough vaccine providers, facilities and other resources for the vaccination of the population so that vaccines can be administered to large numbers of people and flexibly also outside office hours,” Kontio said.

The National Advisory Committee on Vaccines (KRAR) appointed by the THL has discussed the refining of the vaccination order as vaccinations proceed.

“It is important to get older people vaccinated quickly because their risk of contracting severe Covid-19 disease is higher. The recommendations will be specified when more information is available on the quantities of vaccines to be received,” says KRAR chairman Ville Peltola.

THL recommends that vaccinations of the next group in the order of vaccination begin once a large part of the previous group has been vaccinated. This will help to avoid delays and vaccine wastage.

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Perussuomalaiset becomes most popular party surpassing SDP

Perussuomalaiset becomes most popular party surpassing SDP

Published :
21 Jan 2021, 00:47

Updated :
21 Jan 2021, 00:49

The main opposition Perussuomalaiset (Finns Party) has regained its position as the most popular party in the country, surpassing the SuomenSosialidemokraattinenPuolue (Social Democratic Party of Finland-SDP) with narrow margins in latest polls, reported Xinhua.

A poll published on Wednesday by a Finnish language newspaper Helsingin Sanomat (HS) gave the support rate of the Perussuomalaiset as 21 percent, while the SDP got 20.8 percent.

The latest poll confirmed the trend shown by a poll conducted by Finnish national broadcaster Yle in early January. The latter had given the Perussuomalaiset 21.9 percent and the SDP 21.4 percent.

The Perussuomalaiset had long been the most popular party in Finland since the summer of 2019, surpassed by the SDP in March 2020, when the latter had increased its support.

In the HS poll, the other main opposition party — the KansallinenKokoomus (National Coalition Party-NCP) — got 16.2 percent of support, ranking the third place.

Within the government coalition, the SuomenKeskusta (Centre Party of Finland) was at 10.8 percent and the VihreäLiitto (Green League) had risen to 10.6 percent.

The HS poll, covering 2,600 people, was carried out from late December of 2020 until Jan. 15, 2021, by Kantar TNS, one of Finland’s leading market research companies.

Commenting on the results, Sakari Nurmela, research director of Kantar TNS, said that the conservative message of the Finns has attracted support from the Center’s and the National Coalition Party’s base. The decline of the SDP now was mainly due to the upward trend of the Green party.

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Ben Affleck puolustaa vimmatusti ex-kihlattu Jennifer Lopezia

Ben Affleck puolustaa vimmatusti ex-kihlattu Jennifer Lopezia

Ben Affleck muistelee mediaryöpytystä, johon Jennifer Lopez joutui heidän suhteensa aikana.

Ben Affleckin ja Jennifer Lopezin romanssi villitsi aikanaan median ja fanit. Kuva vuodelta 2003.Ben Affleckin ja Jennifer Lopezin romanssi villitsi aikanaan median ja fanit. Kuva vuodelta 2003.

Ben Affleckin ja Jennifer Lopezin romanssi villitsi aikanaan median ja fanit. Kuva vuodelta 2003. aop

Näyttelijä-ohjaaja Ben Affleck ja näyttelijä-laulaja Jennifer Lopez olivat Hollywoodin kuumin pari 2000-luvun alussa. He seurustelivat alle kahden vuoden ajan vuosien 2002-2004 välillä.

Affleck, 48, muisteli suhteen aikaista mediaryöpytystä Hollywood Reporterin tuoreessa podcast-jaksossa. Miehen mukaan erityisesti Lopezista, 51, puhuttiin mediassa ikävään sävyyn.

– Ihmiset olivat niin ilkeitä hänelle – seksistisiä ja rasistisia. Hänestä kirjoitettiin niin ilkeästi ja rumasti. Jos joku kirjoittaisi niin nyt, tulisi potkut, Affleck tilitti.

– Nyt häntä ja hänen työtään kunnioitetaan, hänen lähtökohtiaan ja saavutuksiaan – kuten pitääkin!

Affleck purki turhautumisiaan paparazzi-kulttuuriin.

– Aina on jokin kuukauden aihe, ja suhteeni Jennifer Lopeziin sattui olemaan se aihe kun se bisnes kasvoi, hän sanoi viihdemediasta.

Mies vakuuttaa, ettei hän ole pyrkinyt vapaa-ajallaan paparazzi-kuviin. Hän sanoo kuulleensa epäilyjä, että haluaisi kuvien avulla lisää julkisuutta.

– Aivan kuin lähtisin kotoani vain toiveissa päästä Daily Mail -lehteen. Ihan absurdia!

Affleck ja Lopez alkoivat tapailla kesällä 2002 ja kihlautuivat saman vuoden marraskuussa. Media ja fanit antoivat parille yhteisen lempinimen Bennifer. Häitä suunniteltiin syyskuulle 2003, mutta vain päiviä ennen häitä juhlallisuudet päätettiin siirtää. Alttarille pari ei ehtinyt, sillä ero tuli alkuvuodesta 2004.

Pari esiintyi yhdessä elokuvissa Jersey Girl (2004) ja Gigli (2003). Affleck oli myös mukana Lopezin musiikkivideolla hittikappaleelle Jenny from the Block (2002).

Nykyään Affleck on People-lehden lähteiden mukaan juuri eronnut naisystävästään, näyttelijä Ana de Armasista, 32. Lopez on kihloissa entisen baseball-pelaaja Alex Rodriguezin, 45, kanssa.

Ben Affleck ja Jennifer Lopez esiintyivät yhdessä Gigli-elokuvassa vuonna 2003. aop

Lähde: People

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