Good grief !

Good grief !
Food Service Industry
Image by Neil. Moralee
When listening to Donald Trump’s recent speeches you do have to wonder what’s going on (59,862 New Cases yesterday in the USA).

Having a scientific background and having spent many years in the food industry; I am familiar with both bacterial and viral infections. You soon learn that its impossible to keep an environment "sterile", it is all about managing the risks and keeping the infection level small.

In today’s Corona-virus situation, masks are not perfect, social distancing is not perfect, but they reduce the infection transmission rate to the population as a whole. Covid deaths won’t go away; we can hold them at a steady trickle rather than a flood that swamps the health services.

Eventually Covid-19 will become just one more of the diseases we live with all the time. Like Flu there will be some deaths every year. The health services will offer you your annual Flu and Covid vaccination every year and life will go on.

We have to change the way we do things for a while to keep let the health services cope with all of the illnesses and problems that need dealing with alongside Covid infections.

Stay safe and have a though for others.