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  1. alyssa Calub
    alyssa Calub says:

    what camera was used besides the Canon – IVY REC Waterproof Outdoor Digital Camera – Riptide in the beginning of the video?

  2. JeffRunsWild
    JeffRunsWild says:

    Thank you for showing the image/video/sound quality. I was going to buy one to use while running instead of my GoPro (which can be clunky to hold/carry. I cannot believe how poor quality the images on this camera are. And the transfer time on clips?!? So bad. Thank you for your honest review!

  3. adam weaver
    adam weaver says:

    Just FYI. To change the video settings to 1080p 60fps, connect with the app in wireless mode, then switch to the video mode on the back of the camera. The app will disconnect and then reconnect to the camera. You can then change the video settings to 1080p from the 720p default.

  4. reddevil630
    reddevil630 says:

    It's good to see my old neighborhood. I remember seeing that place burned down from the riots, the 7 eleven and Winchell Donuts refused to come back after it was rebuild.

  5. Cool h
    Cool h says:

    You misunderstaood them totally, actually it is a key chain with a camera, you should put keys on the hook and do another review 😀


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