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  1. hisownfool1
    hisownfool1 says:

    I bought this and the Commix (sp) adapter for $350 USD new. I added the 22mm f2 lens for about $120 more. And I own a Zoom recorder. You described my kit. 👌

  2. GracelessMaggie
    GracelessMaggie says:

    Awesome review! Think I'm gonna go for this one to keep growing my channel 🙂 I've been shooting on my good ol' 1100D and it's time to step it up, autofocus not gr8 🙁

  3. AJ The Alchemist
    AJ The Alchemist says:

    I watched this video like thrice – super awesome, up to date review, hopefully I'll be able to grab one! One more sub earned for y'all.👌🏼

  4. Aiken Gala Vlog
    Aiken Gala Vlog says:

    Hello, ive got a m100 but i have no idea what kind of microphone are will suit in it. Or there is no chance to put a microphone to my camera?

  5. Chandra Shekhar
    Chandra Shekhar says:

    Thanks for your reviews on Canon M100. I got to know all I want from your review video. Did you create any video on Thieye i60, if yes please share link.


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