Canon 200D Mark II Review | 250D | SL3 | Entry Level Camera Reviews + Video

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  1. Jason Sentosa
    Jason Sentosa says:

    Hi Chris, good review. Anyway, i just got this camera a few weeks ago, but i can't find the Camera Level (especially like the water level thingy) on Live View Mode, any idea to get this feature? Or maybe there is no such thing in this entry level camera? Thank you

  2. bhushan sonawane
    bhushan sonawane says:

    I have just started photography, could you please advise if I should buy 1500d or 200 mark II. Your reply will b of great help.

  3. His Masters Voice
    His Masters Voice says:

    10% dislikes? I wonder why? Pretty uninspiring presentation oh tattooed "tough guy". What is it with fucking tattoos?? LOL I haven't subscribed.

  4. Sadie Wells
    Sadie Wells says:

    thanks heaps for this! just found you as I bought this camera to help me film and share some short (yoga) video tutorials online… yet… I have NO IDEA where to start. so I'm starting here! (bought it about a month ago, and was too scared to open it up til today!) 😛

  5. Charl Vd Walt
    Charl Vd Walt says:

    I've got a Canon S3 IS for free a week a go, that's we're it started iam looking for camera that I can photograph the mountains and the beach


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