Campark T85 Trail Camera Review | Campark T85 Trail Camera Manual | Campark T85 Test

… Wildlife Animal Campark T85 Trail Camera Review | Campark T85 Trail Camera Manual | Campark T85 Test campark t85 instructions, campark t80 vs t85.

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  1. Abby Still
    Abby Still says:

    Hi, can anyone help me please. What happens when you don't regularly delete things from the SD card? Does it just record over the top of what you've already recorded? How do you know if the SD card is getting full, does it indicate on the led display? Confused… thanks.

  2. Terry Brooks
    Terry Brooks says:

    None of the trail cameras available ae more than 5mp in sensor size, most 3mp or less, the files are interpolated which is basically guessing at adding more pixels, the result is far from sharp images, it's better to turn the resolution down in the settings if possible and use an online AI app to scale them up if that's what you really need

  3. Wildlife of the Wu
    Wildlife of the Wu says:

    Nice review , I have Campark cams, T20, T30, T80 and Stealthcam Q12 from tractor supply, which are nice cameras also
    Please stop by and check out the videos, I subbed channel, look forward to seeing more , Thanks again

  4. Kevin Graham
    Kevin Graham says:

    Says he don’t use the video portion only pics and shows all videos lol just busting your balls man great review and great cam I have one myself if anyone is on the fence buy it

  5. BornN2Grave1
    BornN2Grave1 says:

    Trail camera MP ratings are bogus due to the use of interpolation, which is a marketing scam. That "20MP" camera has either a 2, 3.1, or 5 megapixel sensor. Interpolation does not benefit the image quality at all. That being said, I own a T20, T70, two T40s, and three T45s. IMO they are the best bang for the buck and the T45 is my favorite and only costs $50 shipped on ebay.


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