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  1. Aerial Vation
    Aerial Vation says:

    With the recent marketing push by Caddx on this fpv cam.. have they come up with an update to help reduce slightly daytime sensitive exposure??

  2. Aerial Horizon RC
    Aerial Horizon RC says:

    The park reminded me of a Bay Area Parks in Northern California (Fremont, CA, Sunnyvale, CA and near by cities). The Park you was flying at look like Central Park next to Lake Elizabeth in Fremont, CA.

    JUCAMO FPV says:

    Wow, that is really bad, almost looks like the same as my RC micro eagle. Also, having no low-latency mode option really killed it for me.

  4. Planes and Bikes
    Planes and Bikes says:

    Really helpful review, once again! Cancelled my Nebular pre order. Will just get another regular Vista pack. This looks halfway between good analog and the DJI cam to my eyes. But at the pre-order price the Nebula is a good $20-30 cheaper than the regular Vista.

  5. Peter Zingler
    Peter Zingler says:

    Oke this is basically what inboard dvr from a micro will look like. I don't really see a reason to use this heavy ass system.

  6. TakeItToTheGround
    TakeItToTheGround says:

    Did some of the comments really say this is on par with some analog systems? Looking forward to fitting it to my Hobbymate Asteroid and being able to rip and see where I am going.

  7. Portal FPV
    Portal FPV says:

    Nice to see they shaved some weight and size so that's good, but now instead of looking like flying looking thru a GoPro like the original DJI camera looks…it now feels like a Runcam 3. Oh well….digital still looks better than the best analog

  8. Allen Nickles
    Allen Nickles says:

    I wonder if future firmware updates will allow low latency mode?. I'm interested in the camera because of its size and weight given because all I'm building these days are ultra light endurance quads 3 to 4inch sub 250g. Thanks for getting this out fast. I was wondering who get it for review first..lol

  9. JTR
    JTR says:

    Thank you for the review. I order two because I need to fit in my smooth Operator (find a way to raise the frame) and in a ultralight Micro. But I'm so deceive by the picture quality. Normally tech should go forward.

  10. AtheFPV
    AtheFPV says:

    OMG the colors when you flew in shadows… I was thinking about buying into the dji fpv system but as a micro pilot, I'm gonna wait. It still has a long way to go before it becames viable in the micro world. The nebula is just not good enough to justify switching. Thx for the review, it helped a great deal!


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