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  1. Ronald Strange
    Ronald Strange says:

    +November 1st 2020. Got everything Buddy ever recorded from way back when. Still a great fan and as he was born the same year as me, 1936, always remember him on my birthday with some of his music…..and a glass of something. Regards from England.

  2. Dave Roberts
    Dave Roberts says:

    The great music of Buddy Holly and he sounds brilliant as he always did. Just Awesome Holly. RIP Buddy Holly Never Forgotten.

  3. 8-Bit Music
    8-Bit Music says:

    I'm a kid from 2020 and I love his music I love all the old music elvis, Michael Jackson, the chordettes and millions of overs I love them all

  4. Samuel Feynman Tribute page
    Samuel Feynman Tribute page says:

    Buddy Holly made me quit my studies and try to become a star: I failed terribly as I really have little talent. Now I'm grown and broke and should be angry at Buddy… but who could be angry at Buddy? Listen to him. The young man was an incredible writer and performer. Nah, I can't be angry at Buddy. In fact, I love the guy!

  5. Lety 04 Fab Four Lover
    Lety 04 Fab Four Lover says:

    What a STUNNING album…His music is so varied…from energetic Rock And Roll pieces to extremely magical orchestrated ballads…just WOW

  6. Anthony
    Anthony says:

    Absolutely frightening that all this was produced before the age of 22. imagine what he would have gone on to produce had his life not been cut so barbarically short.

  7. Rachel Neilly
    Rachel Neilly says:

    I would love to have gone to a concert by this man, I reckon it would've been incredible but sadly he was taken away far too soon. Music died on that day like Don McLean testified to and he may have been the true king of rock and roll…
    GBNF and his music will live on forever ♥️


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